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Strip Fighters: Clowndestine Boxing

Strip Fighters, a Clown Boxing Match that electrifies the spectators through music, comedy action and above all... lots of audience participation.
Two men in sunglasses and tuxedo conquer a space in the crowd. They act out a funny striptease and they reveal their true identity: two boxers ready to fight. Four volunteers from the audience become the corners of the ring by holding the ropes. All around people scream and shout supporting their favourite boxer of the two.
The challenge begins: the boxers start fighting surrounded by the heaving crowd! Jab, cross, left hook, duck and weave back to stance, surprise mooves and magnificent knock outs!
A perfectly coreografed sequence of slapstick and buffonery, up until the third and final round...
Quivering muscles, the crowd going wild, thilling fast paced action in perfect sinthony with the music, for an interactive, eccentric, original street-show!

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The Project

The DuoDorant Company hits the street art scene with a fresh reinterpretation of the classic street-show: a performance that thrills and fascinates the audience as they experience something completly inusual.

Strip Fighters is a show for all ages and nationalities, its universal language allows the show to speak directly to the eyes, ears and hearts of anybody.

Major Festivals in which we participated

Magie al Borgo, Costa di Mezzate 2010
Festival Arts de Rue, Aosta 2010
Berlin Lacht Festival 2011, Berlino (Germany)
Kleinskunst Festival, Usedom, (Germany)
Internationale Kulturb÷rse 2014, Friburgo (Germany)
Mirabilia Festival 2014, Fossano
Aurillac Festival 2015 (France),
StraFestival 2015, Milano
Aurillac Festival 2016 (France)
Linz Plafsterspektakel 2017, Linz (Austria)
Il Paese dei Balocchi Festival 2018, Rosignano Marittima
Clown International Festival 2018, Natanya (Israel)

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